Body Composition

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Let us assess so you don’t have to guess

A body composition assessment allows you learn more about your body. An alternative to just using scales and a tape measure, the machine gives you a range of additional insights as well as allowing you to track your progress from scan to scan, either through a printout or an online portal. The machines use an undetectable current scan combined with height, age and gender information to give you statistics such as:

- Muscle mass & body fat %
- Metabolic age
- Visceral fat rating
- Weight – accurate to 100g
- How you burn fuel
- Body composition/physique analysis
- Basal Metabolic Rate (how many calories you need per day at rest)

One of our instructors will complete your assessment and explain your results in order to develop a training plan to achieve your goals. You can book consultation (up to 15 minutes) where we'll go through your results. It is recommended that you have an assessment every 8 weeks to monitor your progress and make changes to your plan.

Why would I want an assessment?
The body composition trackers give you so much more information compared to a set of scales and a tape measure; they are also medically validated. It lets you see when you're turning muscle in to fat - so even if the scales stay the same, you may in fact have made changes inside. It is a great way to adapt how you train and let you celebrate your progress whilst seeing your body in a whole new way. It is perfect for both seasoned gym goers and those just starting out or wanting to adapt their training. 

Where can I have my assessment?
We have an InBody machine at Friesland Sports Centre and BodiTrax machines at Rutland Sports Park and West Park Leisure Centre. You can compare your previous results online through your personal BodiTrax account (which is set up at your first scan) or by bringing your previous scan's printout if you're using the InBody. You can book your assessment at the centres or by telephone.

 New members get their first scan included as part of their personal fitness plan. Rescans £2.75 with a leisure card.